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Doreen is a North Idaho artist and poet whose bright, expressive art celebrates the little details that make life vibrant. Her passion and hope is to get people to stop and appreciate the amazing details in life that are so easily lost in our busy world. To that end, her work often features unique focal points. She finds inspiration frequently in nature - especially in flowers, which she paints because she does not excel at growing them. Other sources of inspiration include lush landscapes, the beautiful lines and design of vintage automobiles/hot rods, and the tenacity of rustic barns. But always COLOR! She enjoys getting out in nature, adding to her ever-growing stash of reference photos for future paintings. 


Doreen spends a great deal of time intensely studying her subjects in order to faithfully represent them in painted form, while still imparting her own artistic style. She is not afraid of liberal color, and looks for new ways to express the joy she takes in creating works of art in watercolor, chalk pastel, acrylic and graphite. She especially enjoys naming her pieces in creative and quirky ways and tries to convey symbolic meaning in many of her pieces. Additionally, Doreen expresses her creativity through poetry, with one collection published (Snapshots From a Real, Simple Life, 2020) and another in progress.

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No Show.JPG


No Show, Acrylic 11 x 14


      Under Western Skies Art Show & Benefit
                            Sat, Sep 23, 4 - 9 pm  

                   CONGRATULATIONS Carol Gilbert!
                    Winner of the Studio Tour Drawing for the painting Yellow Green Bluff

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