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1. Purchase a Reservation (link below)

This holds your place in line, and applies against the project total. There will be a limited number of commissions during the year due to other projects/events.

2. Email Details

Please email your pertinent information to  

* Name

* Painting size

* Orientation (horizontal, vertical, or square

* 2-4 (3-4 preferred) reference photos

* Any other input you can provide on what you are hoping for with this commissioned work. Feel free to provide as many details as will be helpful to the artist

* Desired completion date (date at which you would like to have the painting in your possession); We will advise if this date is unworkable, and provide an alternate date based on works in progress and your place in line

* Any colors (or details) you wish to avoid

* Indicate whether progress/final photos can be shared on Facebook/Instagram

3. Sign Contract

This will be sent to you via email and must be signed and returned prior to commencing work on the project, including delivery date. If acceptable delivery date cannot be agreed upon prior to commencing work, deposit will be refunded. This is the only case in which the deposit will be refunded.

4. Painting Commences 

At this point, painting will begin on your project according to your place in line and agreed upon delivery date, and status updates will be provided. Depending on the project, this may be 2-4 weeks.

5. Final Approval 

Periodic status updates will be provided, and any visual information will be stamped PROOF. Upon completion of the work, a FINAL PROOF will be provided, which you can approve, or request minor edits. Any extensive edits (judged by the artist) will require an additional 20% charge to the project total. Approval will need to be provided in writing via email.

6. Final Payment & Shipping 

Upon final approval, an invoice will be sent to you for the remaining balance plus shipping. Upon payment, the work will be shipped to the collector. 

What Are Allowable Projects for Commission?

Florals, Boats/Automobiles/Tractors, Animals/Pets, Portraits, Barns, if other, please inquire


What Subjects Are Not Allowable Projects for Commission?

Nudes, Duplicates of previous paintings (especially if they were commissioned), a painting in a style different from the Artist's own style, or a copy of another artist's work


Acrylic paint on Stretched Canvas with internal frame (unless specified as canvas board). Please discuss if you are interested in a different substrate.


Commissioned paintings are only available to the United States at this time.


Please note that prices listed below will have the reservation payment deducted from them.

8 x 10  $350

10 x 10 $425

11 x 14 $500

16 x 20 $1100

20 x 20 $1300

18 x 24 $1600

Please inquire if you desire a different size than shown for a price quote.

(Prices are subject to change. Established price at time of reservation will be noted and honored.)


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