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d. a. graham

Hayden, ID, USA


Mother for 24 years, home educator for 18 years, and parent to a special needs child with an anaphylactic food allergy, Doreen Graham shares her striking imagery in poetic reflections and expressive fine art that celebrates the common life.



What is behind the name of my little company? Simply this: I believe any person seeking God is an uncompleted masterpiece in the hands of the Master Artist, Jesus Christ. Including a person that is broken, damaged, or lost. Scripture tells us to be confident that He who began a good work in us will carry it on to completion. His trustworthy hands are skilled at creating great works of beauty. I have always been drawn to the evidence of His skill with details found in both nature and in a person’s life story. He leaves lots of detailed clues as to His good intentions toward us. There is nothing more beautiful than a life redeemed by His touch.


I am still a masterpiece in process, as is any life that has decided to follow His leadership. There are phases on the way that seem unpromising, or just pure ugly and unrecoverable, but I am holding onto Him knowing that He only produces the very best works of art.


Why is beautiful art worthwhile? Firstly, God is a creative force, and as His child, I am made in His image. Creating beautiful things is a form of celebrating His creative gift within me. Secondly, as the world degrades we need beautiful things that point us toward hoping for better. Don’t we need some beauty in light of today’s ugliness? 


I hope you enjoy perusing my gallery from time to time. And I hope you are inspired to both do something beautiful and to see the beauty of God at work in your life.


*Scripture reference: Philippians 1:6

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Self Portrait WS 1 Detail.jpg

Self-Portrait: Wind Whipped

8 x 10, Acrylic, 2021

Anacortes, WA, Fidalgo Island - Cap Sante

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